Proposal for funding

to Keighley Towns Fund

by Keighley Cougars




A unique multi use facility to bring benefits to the whole community.

Superb modern stadium; mental and physically wellness centre; business club and tech incubator.


Keighley Cougars
is the only professional sports team in the town and is uniquely positioned to develop a sporting, wellness and business hub which will bring benefits to the whole community.

Keighley Cougars
value proposition

The club has been at the centre of town
life for over a century, is a trusted institution
with unrivalled potential to engage and reach
out to all of Keighley’s communities.


Under new dynamic business minded management, the club has the opportunity to bring new modern approaches to engaging with and nurturing local businesses and raise Keighley’s national

The club has the ability to tap into its highly engaged, positive and active personnel, that have a far larger set of skills than only sport and rugby, as well as bringing its existing partnerships to bare.



Current constraints on growth


Community Mental and Physical Health Centre:

Mental wellness Centre.
Community coordination and outreach centre.
Boxing and fitness facilities for outreach to cross community groups, with specific push for inclusivity of ethnic minority groups

Business and Skills Nurturing Centre

Additional meeting facilities.
Facilities for a brand new business club and networking centre.
Construction of Cougar digital and tech Incubator Centre in stadium or in adjacent premises.
Develop a college-incubator-business nexus to nurture digital skills, mentor startups, and create a forum for them to procure investment and attract inward investment from outside of the town.

Cougar Mental Wellness Unit:

Benefit to Keighley:
  • Improve mental health cross-community.
  • Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Increase employment outlooks for individuals.
Facilities need to be constructed within a redeveloped main stand for this Unit, giving modern facilities for mental wealth programme provision.

Community coordination and outreach centre

Benefit to Keighley:
  • Rebuild community and civic pride.
  • Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Provide a platform for personal success and achievement.
Facilities need to be constructed within a redeveloped main stand for this centre, giving modern facilities for community and centre, enabling programme delivery.

Boxing and fitness facilities

Benefit to Keighley:
  • Increase fitness and reduce obesity.
  • Bring communities together.
  • Improve integration of ethnic minority groups.
  • Increase youth engagement, reducing anti-social behaviour.
Easy integration with existing Cougar Park footprint and infrastructure, within the remodelled stand. Funding required to fund remodelling and capital costs.

Business and Skills Nurturing Centre

Benefit to Keighley:
  • Increase in 'trade local' through networking.
  • Creating unified business platform to help businesses grow.
  • Platform to present Keighley as a business friendly community.
  • Attract outside investment and location of new businesses.
  • Ability to mentor and grow existing businesses.
  • Reskill employees to level up workforce skills and earnings.
Facilities need to be constructed within a redeveloped main stand for this centre, giving modern facilities for meeting and conference rooms for business programmes.

Construction of Cougar digital and tech Incubator Centre

Benefit to Keighley:
  • Tech skills result in increased earnings.
  • Attract outside venture capital, seed and angel investment to Keighley.
  • Provide Keighley with a USP for new businesses and investment.
  • The start of an eco-system of new progressive businesses for the future.
  • Develop Keighley into a digital and tech hub, diversifying business and earnings.
Premises need to be constructed at a remodeled entrance to Cougar Park and over the North Terrace.

Additional classroom and teaching facilities

Benefit to Keighley:
  • Skill up local talent.
  • Provide education in a novel and attractive setting.
  • Utilise unique assets that a sports club can provide. Availability of international professional rugby players to work with local schools and mentor the pupils.
Facilities need to be constructed within a redeveloped main stand for this centre, giving modern facilities for classroom and teaching facilities.

Modern spectator facilities to attract international and domestic sporting events

Benefit to Keighley:
  • Brings in out-of-town income.
  • Assists in developing Keighley's national profile.
  • Attracts tourism to Keighley and its surrounding areas.
  • Provides local employment opportunities.
  • Provides facilities for disabled people to attend events.
  • Redevelopment sourced through local contractors, keeping money in the town.
The main stand needs to be remodelled and upgraded, to provide modern comfortable seating, and ancillary facilities beneath.